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Hey everyone! I am sooooo sorry about the Welcome sign...scary, isn't it? I didn't know how to change it! Please stay and read some fics! Maybe check out some pictures!
Have fun!

This website is completely devoted to Harry Potter! Well...there may be some Lord of the Rings stuff appearing every now and then but I will try to keep it to a minimum!

Wow! This is the coolest website on Earth!-Harry I know! Lets just keep staring in awe-Hermione

Click here! Don't ask...just do!


What's New?

Happy belated April fools day! I have just got this site started and I hope that you enjoy it! I have put up the first chapter to one of my fanfics *Autumn clers her throat* oh...right, sorry. The story I have up right now was co-written by my friend Autumn *looks at Autumn* Happy now? *Autumn nods* *Rolls eyes* Anyways, please enjoy my site and pass the word along to all of your friends! I <3 you all!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.